How do I add a Review Tab?

Sometimes you may want to aggregate Reviews from all products instead of showing Reviews for only one item. With our Tab feature, you can do that. 

Here is a real customer example of how it would look on a website:

1) Start by going to your Reviews > Widgets.

2) Click on "Create New Widget": 

3) Choose "Tab" from the dropdown and add a name for the widget. In this example, we went for a simple name, "tab":

4) Your Widget is ready! 

Click on "GET WIDGET CODE" to get to your personalized instructions page, where you will find your personal code to copy and paste into your theme files. 

We recommend adding it to your footer file.

The widget has just a few options. The important bit is the "Open mode". If you're using a "Link", you can add a static link pointing to a page of your site. If you're using a "Modal", you can choose a "Recent widget" to load in a modal.
Please note that you have to have a Widget already created before you can do that. 

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