Shopify Checkout Subscription Opt-In

Enable your "Accepted Marketing" list

Because both a store owner and customers can change subscription opt-ins in Shopify, you'll need to enable your Accepted Marketing list, as in some cases a customer may need to confirm their opt-in when a store owner has instigated the subscription.
  1. Go to "Your Lists" and click "Enable Accepted Marketing" List. Your store will now sync with your Shopify store.
  2. Ensure that "Confirm List Subscription?" is set to "ON".
  3. You may also want to click on "Create Custom Email Confirmation" and style it to your store's branding and tone.

Ensure your store promotional email checkbox settings are correct

In your Shopify store's admin section, go to Settings > Checkout and ensure "By default, the customer doesn't agree to receive promotional emails" is checked. If you sell to customers within the EU (even if your business isn't in the EU), as this is GDPR compliant (customer must opt-in not opt-out).

Anyone who checks the subscription checkbox to opt-in on the website during checkout will be subscribed to the "Accepted Marketing" list which you will find in Subscribers > Segments & Lists > Your Lists. 

Anyone who subscribes via a Shopify subscription form will also be synced to Conversio.

If you have opt-in confirmation enabled, you should read when a customer will need to confirm their opt-in.

If a customer unsubscribes from a Conversio email, or you unsubscribe them via the Customer section from the "Accepted Marketing" list, we will sync to your Shopify "Accepted Marketing" list and unsubscribe them there too.

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