How do I switch my emails On / Off?

After signing up for Conversio, your emails will default to OFF. In OFF Mode, any email templates you've set up will not be sent to your customers.

Once you’re happy that your templates look great, you can easily switch them ON by clicking this switch:

Doing so will only enable the Default Template.

To enable the First-time Buyers and Repeat Customers Template instead, simply switch them ON. They will then override the Default Template: 

Some reasons to use different receipts for the First-time Buyer versus Repeat Customers:

  • Give different discount amounts or percentages to First-time Buyers versus Repeat Customers
  • Use different copy and marketing messages
  • Ask First-time Buyers to connect on Social Media links and stay in touch.
  • Offer Repeat Buyers a Referral Discount.

The process of switching emails ON is the same for all templates. Review, customize if needed, and switch ON. It's that simple! 

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