Frequently Asked Questions


Which eCommerce platforms do you integrate with?

Conversio currently integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. 

Which languages is Conversio available in? 

Conversio's software and support are only available in English, but you have full control over the text and language in your emails. We do not currently support multiple languages. 


What should I set up first?

The first thing you should work on is adding all of your settings here. Add your company's logo, email preferences, address, and localization before moving on to editing email templates. 

Can I manage multiple stores in one Conversio account?

No, you will need a separate Conversio account for each store that you have. 

Can I turn off Conversio's receipts for Amazon orders? 

Yes! You can suppress Amazon receipts in your outgoing email settings. 


What is the download button in the middle of my receipt?

This appears in templates to show you what an order would look like if it included a digital download product. If you don't sell these, or the order doesn't contain a digital product, the download button will not appear in a real order. 

Why can't I turn on my convert prospects to first-time buyers campaign?

This campaign requires that you have our newsletters add-on because prospects are any subscriber to your newsletters that have not yet made a purchase from you. 

When does a customer become "idle"?

We calculate the date for becoming idle as 3x the average rate at which customers currently make repeat purchases in your store. 

Abandoned Carts

Why haven't my abandoned cart emails sent out?

 If you're seeing that some carts have been abandoned, it is likely that we haven't yet captured any "recoverable" carts for you. We define a cart as recoverable when we can identify the prospective customer’s e-mail address. We'll collect this through the checkout page, a newsletter signup form, or if the customer is logged in to your store. 

Why do I see a $0.00 abandoned cart? 

When a customer leaves their email address, we capture it right away in case they go on to abandon a cart. If they don't abandon a cart (for example, they just came and signed up for your newsletter) we'll still have them logged under all carts. 

Can I have more than three emails in my abandoned cart campaign?

No, we currently limit abandoned cart campaigns to a maximum of three emails.

Can abandoned cart emails be sent out after less than one hour?

No, one hour is the minimum delay. 


Why isn't my widget appearing after I added the code to my template?

Make sure that you've replaced the 'slug' in the snippet of code with the slug found in your widget setup page. We use the placeholder slug "My-Cool-Widget" in our setup guides, but this won't add your widget to the page. 

Can I exclude a product from appearing in recommendations/search/reviews?

You can exclude products from search, recommendations, and review requests in your account here:

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