Getting Started with Conversio

Conversio is an all-in-one marketing dashboard that helps you create emails and use widgets to increase customer lifetime value and get more first time buyers. We value our customers and are here to help you automate your marketing. Conversio believes in and enables you to maintain a clean list using powerful data-driven segmentation. Ready to start?

In this resource, you'll learn how to start using Conversio to create various supercharged campaigns, and we'll link to various documents in our Help Center to help guide you through the necessary steps.

Start here

We created the Help Center to provide guidance and insights about our tools and features. We are adding videos regularly to assist you there as well. If you want to learn how something works, or if you run into any trouble we’d suggest checking the Help Center first. But if you do not find the correct resource feel free to email us at

Set up your account

When you sign up for a Conversio account we will ask you a few questions, including name, email address and store type. If you haven’t yet registered for your account yet, please create your account now.

Edit your account settings

The best place to begin your journey in your Conversio dashboard is in Account Settings


Within  Account Settings, under Company Profile you will be able to upload your logo, which will then be available in any email template you create using Conversio. 

Company Profile will also be where you can adjust your local timezone, default currency and ensure your store URL is accurate. 

Customize your Company Profile


Next, we suggest connecting your  Social accounts to make it easier for your customers and potential customers to follow you, become loyal customers and raving fans. Simply add your social profile links.

Connect your Social accounts


Outgoing Email Settings is where you can adjust the “From” field and the associated sending email address. For more advanced users, this is where you will also be able to turn on tracking for your emails as well as Domain Authentication.
Edit your Outgoing Email Settings

Advanced options:
Learn more about Google Analytics tracking

Read more on Domain Authentication


The last step in  Account Settings is to visit your Connection SettingsIt’s important to make sure your store is successfully connected to Conversio so you can start sending supercharged emails.

Check out your Connection Settings

If your store isn’t connected below are a few resources to help you:
Installing on Shopify
Installing on BigCommerce
Installing on WooCommerce

Getting started with emails

Now it’s time to set up your first supercharged emails so you can start increasing sales right away.

Abandoned Cart campaign

Conversio's Abandoned Cart campaigns allow you to start recovering your abandoned carts within minutes. Set up smart campaigns for different users whether they are a first time, inactive or repeat customers. Track your progress in the Dashboard, which will include all trackable shopping cart data.

Learn how to create your first campaign

If you are ready to take you Abandoned Cart Campaigns to the next level check out the  advanced option below:

How to segment your abandoned cart campaigns


Conversio's Receipts allow you to send dynamic receipts to up-sell and drive revenue and to send different receipts to different types of customers to optimize every marketing opportunity. On average we help you get 70%+ open rates and 10%+ click-through rates. Don’t miss out increasing customer lifetime value by activating this option! 

Check out how to edit email templates

Learn more about Up-sell modules

More details on Content Blocks

Also, don’t forget to:

Switch your emails ON

For Shopify and BigCommerce stores:

Conversio Receipts does not replace your platform’s email confirmation emails. However, we prefer to think of this as an opportunity to say “Thank you” and create loyal customers.

Learn how to replace Shopify's Order Confirmation with a Thank-You note

How to replace BigCommerce's order confirmation with a Thank-You note

Are you ready to supercharge your Receipts? Take a look at your  advanced option:

Learn how to set up segmentation for your receipts

Follow-Up email campaigns

Conversio's Follow-Up email campaigns will engage your customers and keep them coming back. Use our data-driven intelligence to send your customers personalized follow-up emails that are automatically based on triggers and events that you specify.

We have included a few templates to get you started here.

If you are interested in learning more about best practices, check out the article: 12 Follow-Up Emails That You Should Be Sending

Want to create your own drip campaign? Learn more now.

Custom Customer Segmentation is available in Follow-Up campaigns. Check out this advanced option:

Learn how to create Custom Customer Segments

Getting started with widgets

Conversio’s widgets are a great way to cross-sell and up-sell for more recurring revenue. 

Customer Feedback

Before you can use this widget, you'll need to start collecting feedback via the Feedback module. We usually suggest having it as a part of your Receipt or a Follow-Up email. Use Feedback widgets to automatically display positive customer feedback you've received on your store pages. Testimonials build trust with first-time buyers and help you convert more.

Learn how to set up your Feedback widgets

And as a bonus check out some of the best-converting pages on your store:
Recommended placement for Feedback on your website

Advanced Options

These features will help you supercharge your sales. Feel free to circle back to these features once you have set up the above options.

Product Reviews

Conversio Reviews widgets allow you to seamlessly collect and post your best reviews on your product pages. If you have existing reviews from other apps, no worries! You can transfer those over, so nothing is lost.

Learn how to set up the Reviews widget

Find out how to transfer your Product Reviews


We saved the best for last. It’s time to start converting more sales with Newsletters. With Conversio’s easy-to-use email builder, it’s never been quicker to design awesome-looking newsletters. On top of that, Conversio is also already integrated with your e-commerce platform and knows your customers; so there’s no bouncing back-and-forth between multiple pieces of software.

Why send your newsletters with Conversio?

  • Make the most of your customer data by sending the most-targeted emails possible.
  • Keep the design and branding of all your various emails consistent.
  • Increase customer engagement and sales using our Conversio Magic aka integrated, dynamic marketing modules.
  • Keep even more marketing tools all in one place.

We will walk you through every step needed to get your Newsletters ready to start sending.

  1. Learn how to authenticate your domain name
  2. Discover how to set up and send out your first Newsletter
  3. Learn about segmenting your Newsletters. Alternatively, if you’d like to check out advanced options:
  4. Revisit how to create Custom Customer Segments
  5. Learn what 3rd party integrations are available to start growing your Newsletter list including Privy, Pixelpop, Wheelio and Optinmonster

Next Steps -

When you're familiar with how to use our all-in-one marketing dashboard and have implemented our features take a look at your Store insights. And track your Conversio conversions using Conversion Insights

Good luck! Remember we are here to help.

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