Getting started with Newsletters

In this doc, we will walk you through all the steps to set up your Conversio Newsletters.

This setup does not require a technical background.

Note: Before you can use Conversio Newsletters, you must authenticate your domain.

Summary of the steps:

  1. Choose a list of Subscribers who will receive your Newsletter.
  2. Create, schedule and send your newsletters!

Choosing a List of Subscribers

There are multiple ways you can choose an audience for your Newsletters:

  1. Import one of your existing lists;
  2. Use Conversio's "Accepts Marketing" list;
  3. Add a Subscription Form to your store and capture leads onto a list;
  4. Select a segment of or your whole customer base.

Your Lists

You should see your Lists in the Subscribers section of the app, here. This does not require a setup on your end, as these customers are logged and segmented by default in Conversio.

Importing a List

You can import a list of non-customers, such as your existing newsletter subscribers with your previous newsletters/bulk emailing service, in a CSV file.

You can import the CSV file in the Import Page.

Accepted Marketing

The Accepted Marketing list is special: it automatically syncs to whatever option your customers selected during checkout, so you can be sure to contact only those who want to receive your emails.

If you're on  Shopify you must first enable this list by clicking the button in the Subscribers section. This will sync with the customer's checkout selection and any subscriptions on Shopify's newsletter forms.

If you're in  WooCommerce you should add the marketing checkbox to your checkout. This can be done via Conversio's plugin's settings. There are detailed instructions here.

BigCommerce users will automatically have all their customers who've accepted marketing synced to this list.

Subscription Forms

You can create a Subscription form to include in your store that will allow customers to subscribe to your Lists.

Create a "Subscribe to our Newsletters" Form for your website

You can create a form from the Forms page.

Once you've created the subscription form and named it, you need to install the code for it on your website, using the slug (name) that it was assigned. Don't be intimidated by this step! It doesn't require any technical background, and our support team is here to help.

The instructions to install the code depend on your store type, and can be found under " Subscription Code Setup".

Creating, Scheduling and Sending a Newsletter

Create a Newsletter: 
Congratulations! You've set up your Newsletters! Now, you're ready to write your first newsletters email to your customers :)

You can start here, and click on "Create a Newsletter".

In this example, you are sending a mass email to your chosen customer segment or imported list, to promote a flash sale.

Write your message: 
Now to the fun part! Design your beautiful newsletter, just like you would your receipt and other Conversio emails.

Finally, choose the email subject line and pre-header. Once you're done, you can either click "Save", to save a draft for later, click "Send Now" to send immediately, or "Send Later", to schedule a sending date and time.

VoilĂ ! Beautiful, intelligently segmented newsletters that compliment your Conversio suite.

Exporting a list

You can find your customer lists here. Click on the title of the list that you want to export, and then click on the export CSV button. An email will be sent to you with the complete customer list. 

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