Domain Authentication


This feature allows us to authenticate your domain so that instead of emails being sent from on behalf of YourStore, we can send them directly from YourStore.

This is used to help separate legitimate email from spam and phishing emails and generally increases both the deliverability and engagement of your emails.


To authenticate using DKIM, you will need:

  • Your own domain name.
  • Access to your domain's DNS records.
  • Familiarity with modifying your DNS records.

If unsure, your domain provider should be able to help you with access and the modification process.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to create NEW records. NEVER edit existing records unless you do not need them anymore. If you're not able to create new records, let us know and we can instruct you how to create a subdomain instead. 

Also important: MX records are not required but are encouraged to ensure optimal delivery rates. Unless you already have these records pointing to another email provider (eg: Gmail) you should set them on your domain

Before you start, you can watch this video to have a better understanding of the process, or you can directly jump to the steps below:

Video tutorial -

Go to Email Settings inside your Conversio dashboard.

Scroll down to DKIM and SPF protection and enter the domain name from which you want your emails to be sent. This should match the domain in the From Email setting. Then click on "Start Domain Verification".

The domain should match your From Email setting:

Conversio will then generate for you TXT and CNAME values, which you will use in modifying your DNS records.

Modifying DNS Records

Below are links to instructions from commonly used DNS providers for changing their TXT records.

Commonly used hosting software:

Commonly used domain providers:


My DNS provider does not accept the given Hostnames. What should I do? Some providers use a different format for setting DNS records than the ones provided. Please try again by:

  1. Replacing @ with your domain name.
  2. Appending . plus your domain name to the other Hostnames. For example, emailbecomes

If these don't work, please contact support. If you let us know your DNS provider, we'll be happy to help find the right format for the Hostnames.

My web host doesn't support DKIM, do I have to switch to one that does?

Not necessarily. DNS records are usually hosted by the same company that hosts your site, but it doesn't have to be that way. It's possible to keep your web host and change who provides your DNS records using services like DNS Made Easy, ZoneEdit and easyDNS.

Will all email sent through the selected domain be authenticated?

After following the instructions above, only emails sent through Conversio using your chosen domain will be authenticated. Emails sent through other services that use the same domain will not be authenticated. If you opt to send email from an unauthenticated domain in Conversio, your email will also not be authenticated.

My DNS records are still not verified in my account, what should I do?

DNS record changes can take a while to propagate, sometimes more than 24 hours. If the records still cannot be verified after a few days, it may be because they were not added correctly.

You can use a third party DNS testing tool like EmailStuff to check if DNS record changes have propagated. On the EmailStuff site, click DNS, enter the domain name you are trying to verify into the hostname TXT field and click the TXT button. For example:

If the record has propagated, the "Answer" given will contain the TXT value that Conversio generated for you earlier, and the "DKIM" tag will be in the "Type" column.

If no record is found, try lowering the "time to live" (TTL) value in your DNS. This is the amount of time DNS servers will cache your record for, and lowering the value will make the record propagate faster. The method to do this will vary depending on the DNS host you use.

If after this the records are still not showing up, contact your DNS host to make sure everything is working as it should be, and if there are no problems found, please contact support and let them know the domain name you're trying to authenticate.

I already have a CNAME record for "email" and can't add Conversio's. What should I do?

This is most common for GoDaddy as it automatically adds a record for their own email service, but may happen with other providers. If you're not using your domain with any other email services it should be safe to edit this record to the value provided to you in Conversio. Without it, we won't be able to track email clicks/opens/etc.

If you can't edit that value, the only workaround is to use a subdomain: instead of authenticating, just use while setting up DKIM and SPF protection.

Why am I getting a "This domain is already taken error"?

Either directly or through another emailing service, your domain is registered with the email provider Conversio uses, Mailgun, under a different account. There are two ways to go about fixing this:

  1. (Please read carefully): You can ask Mailgun to unregister your domain, but please keep in mind: This is only viable if you're not actually using Mailgun. If you're unsure, the best course of action is to do the following instead:
  2. Use a sub-domain. Add a prefix of your choosing to and use that to validate and send emails through Conversio. Eg:

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