How do I make sure I'm not sending too many Follow-Up emails?

The aim here at Conversio is to help our customers supercharge their email marketing efforts in a responsible way, and to that end, we advocate for good sending practices with our spam prevention feature.

Note: this feature applies to all Follow-Up emails and Abandoned Cart emails. Email receipts are transactional emails and thus excluded from this scope.

Here's how to set your anti-spam threshold:

  1. Go to Settings > Email Settings and find this section:
  1. Set your email limits. If you set this to 10 days, your customers will only receive one automated email within any 10-day window.
  2. Select the emails that adhere to the limits.

Some emails may not be sent if they are triggered after your email limits have been reached, but you may want to make sure that your important Follow-Up emails are sent regardless. You can select which emails adhere to the spam protection limit, via the Spam Protect setting (available on follow-up or abandoned cart emails):

By enabling Spam Protect on an email, it will adhere to the spam protection limit and will not be sent if it is triggered within the spam-protected time frame.

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