How can I convert my prospects & newsletter signups to become first-time buyers?


You probably wouldn't be here if you weren't already building your email lists and using that to successfully grow your business. :)

In Conversio, we essentially help you build two categories of email lists:

  • lists of actual customers that have made at least one purchase with you; and
  • lists of newsletter signups/subscribers.

For your actual customers, we use a variety of segments and dynamically move your customers between those segments based on their purchasing behaviour.

And for your newsletter signups/subscribers, we have a very specific segment called "Prospects". This is any individual that has signed up to receive your marketing communication and hasn't made a purchase from you yet. (Learn more about Customer Segments here.)

In this short tutorial, we want to show you how you can engage those Prospects with a Follow-Up Email Campaign with the goal of turning them into First-Time Buyers.

Why should you use this campaign?

This campaign has a couple of goals and considerations:

  1. The goal of this campaign is simply to turn your new newsletter signups into first-time buyers, which means getting them to make their first purchase.
  2. This should only be sent to new subscribers of specific email lists that you are building. Since we're gonna recommend that you include incentives and/or discounts in these emails, you don't want to send this campaign to existing customers.
  3. Once a new signup has made their first purchase, they should not get any further emails from this campaign. If you have 3 emails in this campaign and the new signup makes a purchase after your second email, they shouldn't get the last email in the campaign

By using the method we've described below, we'll take care of all of this for you. Just set it up once and you're ready to go. :)

Setting up a simple follow-up campaign targeting your Prospects

To make things easy for you... We have drafted a default campaign that you can start using just like that or you can customise it before activating it. You can see this campaign on your dashboard.

If you, however, want to create a new campaign from scratch, here are those details too...

To do this, we will be using Conversio's Follow-Up emails and specifically the "Instantly on Newsletter Subscription" and "Newsletter Subscription" sending rules (learn more about sending rules here).

Follow these quick steps to set up your follow-up campaign:

  1. Go to the Follow Up Campaigns page in your Conversio dashboard.
  2. Click the "Create From Scratch" button (top right) and give your campaign a name.
  3. You will now be redirected to the campaign page. In the header of that page, make sure that you select "Prospects" as the segment to which this campaign will be sent. Note: This means this campaign will only be sent to new subscribers that are part of this segment.
  4. Once done (and while you are still on the campaign page), click the "Add A Template" button to add that first email.
  5. Once you are creating that new email, you can add any content to the email. Importantly you're going to want to specify when this first email is sent. To this, click on the "Rules" tab in your email builder, select the "Instantly On Newsletter Subscription" rule and specify the Customer List to which this applies. This will be sent the first email immediately once a new subscriber joins your mailing list.
  6. Once you have saved that email, go back to the campaign page where you will now add your second email. This time you will want to select the "Newsletter Subscription" sending rule and select a delay (for example 7 days). This means that the second email in the campaign will be sent 7 days after a subscriber first joined this mailing list.
  7. Now make sure that you have activated the individual emails in this campaign, as well as the campaign itself. That's it.

Once you're done, you should see something like this:

Note:  If you need to add further emails to this campaign, you can just replicate step 5 to add more emails. You can also skip step 4 if you prefer not to send an email immediately once the subscriber joins the list.

An example campaign

We asked Becs, our in-house email marketing expert, for some suggestions on what a good, high-converting email campaign would look like. This is what she recommends:

Email 1

  • Sent immediately once a new subscriber joins your list. (Use the "Instantly on Newsletter Subscription" sending rule.)
  • Use this as a welcome email introducing your company and products. Include a discount coupon that expires in 7 days' time (using the "Order Discount" module) to incentivize new subscribers to make their first purchase.

Email 2

  • Sent after 6 days of signing up to the list. (Use the "Newsletter Subscription" sending rule with a 6-day delay.)
  • Use this as a reminder of the discount you previously sent the customer.
  • Tip: When you are including the "Order Discount" module, make sure you edit the settings and enable the "Use Previous Coupon If Available?" option. This will then use the same discount coupon details from Email 1.

Email 3

  • Sent after 14 days of signing up to the list. (Use the "Newsletter Subscription" sending rule with a 14-day delay.)
  • Here you want to try tempting your subscriber into making that first purchase that they've not yet made. The way we recommend you do that is to include a slightly bigger discount than before and also limiting that coupon to a day or two, which will increase the urgency.

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