How do I segment my receipts?


Send different receipts to your First-Time Buyers, Repeat Customers and Custom Segments.

Receipt priority is determined in a top-down order, so the customer will be compared against each receipt's criteria starting at the top of the list. Whichever criteria it matches for first will be the receipt that is sent.

Default Receipt

This receipt template will be sent when either one or both of the First-Time Buyer or Repeat Customer receipts are turned off.

First-Time Buyers

By default, this receipt template will be sent if this was the customer's first purchase with you unless you change the segment settings.

Repeat Customers

By default, this receipt template will be sent if the customer has made two or more purchases with you unless you change the segment settings.

Why can't I use other Conversio default segments for Receipts?

  • Potential Buyers and Prospects are customers who haven't bought yet, so this segment would always be empty for receipts.
  • Inactive Repeat Customers and "At Risk" Repeat Customers would also be empty because customers are no longer inactive or at risk now that they've purchased (they all become active now)
  • Active Repeat Customers would be the same segment as Repeat Customers in this situation.

Custom Segments

You can add more receipts and assign custom segments for them, or simply change the existing segments for receipts already created (except for the default).

So if you want to, for example:

  • Send a receipt based on a specific purchase
  • Create a special receipt coupon for big spenders
  • Or you want to send specific shipping details to customers from a certain country,

just go to Subscribers > Segments & Lists and create your new segments, or apply them to the receipts if you've already made them. Don't forget to make sure you prioritise your receipts correctly! 

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