Custom Segments


In addition to default customer segments, Conversio now allows you to create custom segments. 

Creating a new custom segment:

Customer segments are found by clicking on Subscribers, then Segments and Lists. To create a new segment, click on the "Create a New Segment" button. This will bring you to the Segment Editor. 

After naming your new segment, you will need to select some criteria from the drop down menu. Available criteria are: 

  • Number of orders placed
  • Total spend
  • Time from order
  • Purchased a specific product
  • Reviewed a specific product
  • Purchased a product from a specific collection
  • Time from product purchase
  • Has an active subscription
  • Received an email
  • Opened an email
  • Clicked an email
  • Time from email open
  • Time from email click
  • Country of the main address
  • The region of the main address
  • Membership Status
  • Member Points
  • VIP Tier

It is possible to select multiple criteria for one custom segment. Keep in mind that AND conditions are used, while OR conditions are not supported. 

Examples of custom segments

VIP Customers


  • Number of orders is greater than 2
  • Total spend is greater than $X 

Time to Re-order a Product

If a product is commonly re-ordered after a certain amount of time, you can set up an automated reminder.


  • Purchased a specific product
  • Time from product purchase

Cross Sell Offer

This custom segment can be used to promote new products from a certain category or to promote special offers from that category. 


  • Purchased a product from a specific category
  • Time since last order is X days ago

Big Spender Who Hasn't Bought For a While

Make sure that your top spending customers keep coming back.


  • Time since last order is greater than X days
  • Total spend is greater than $X

Subscribers in a specific location


  • Country of main address OR region of main address

Specific Product on Sale


  • Has not purchased a specific product

Loyal Customers


  • Number of orders is greater than X

One-off segments:

One-off segments are temporary segments you only need to use once. If you're planning to send a Newsletter campaign to a specific segment, but don't think you'll need it again and don't want to clutter your segments & lists page, this is a good option to use.

After creating your Newsletter, in your Email Settings, click on "build one for this newsletter".

Create your one-off (temporary) custom segment:

Here you can also choose different criteria to narrow it down further. 

Then proceed to send your email as you normally would.

New feature 🎉 🎉

We have enabled a tooltip that helps you have the visibility towards the complete product name when creating your Custom Segments with products. If you don't see the complete product name within your segment, simply hover your cursor on it and the tooltip shows the complete product name. 

This helps you in creating the segment for the correct product whenever you have strikingly similar product names.

Here's how it looks -

Custom Segments Video Tutorial:

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