What are some Conversio emails I can send with Smile.io?

If you're looking for a quick start, we can suggest that you create 2 segments: One for your Members, and one for your Non-Members.

This can be done using our Custom Segments, which you can create here.  

Click "Create New Segment" and then in "Criteria"
Choose the criteria "is" (which enables you then to choose "IS member of smile.io rewards).  If you click on the word "is", you can switch it to "is not", which translates into "is NOT member of Smile.io
Woah. 😮 Magic.

Let's say for simplicity, you started with just 2 custom segments here,  one for "is", and one for  "is not" a member. Once you feel more comfortable with this stuff, you can move on to creating more complex segments, like "is a member", AND a VIP Tier. 

Don't forget to save your segments!

Then, you can go to your Follow-Up emails or Newsletters, and start crafting emails and targeting those segments.

Here are some emails you can send to these segments:

First, you go to your Follow-Up emails.

Email Idea #1: Showcase products to Smile.io members who haven't purchased in a while.

Looking for the path of least effort? Click the button "Use Wizard":

Now on to email settings:

2 components to cover: 

Who is this email being sent to: Customer Segment
When? Sending Rule + Delay.

Example: Want to send an email to members, who have not made any purchase in the last 3 months. So my settings are going to be: "Members" + Latest Purchase + 3 months (member, 3 months since latest purchase).

Email Idea #2: Post-purchase Follow-Up ask all non-Rewards members to sign up.

Let's say I want to send an email to non-members, who have recently made a purchase, but not yet subscribed to the rewards program. My settings in this example are going to be: "Non-Members" + Every Purchase + 3 days (non-member, remind 3 days after purchase, every purchase).

More about our Sending Rules.

Email Idea #3: Bulk Newsletter to ask all non-Rewards members to sign up.

Again, we created our non-members segment here

For this example, we'll use Newsletters because we want to send a bulk email asking all non-members to sign up for rewards.

So we create our Newsletter campaign, then we choose the Segment we just created, "non-members". (Note that in this case, in "who is this being sent to", you can always choose "everyone" as long as the segment is "non-members")

Email Idea #4: Post-purchase Follow-Up or bulk Newsletter for all members that have a certain points balance and/or is part of a specific VIP tier. Promote an exclusive product or offering to them.

As always, from the Segments & Lists, we create a new segment. This time for Smile.ioVIP tier:

In our Follow-Up emails, we added a "custom product":

Then, we selected the product we want to give an offer on, for this VIP Tier. 

We wrote our text here, notice that we used variables from the drop-down menu. This enables the email to automatically pull that customer's real name, and their VIP tier, making the email more personal.

On to the settings of the email. In this example, we even used that variable in the email subject. The most important thing here is to select the right "Segment" in the dropdown, which is "VIP TIER X" (that we created earlier in our Segments & Lists). And of course, we need to set the sending rules and delay, in this case, we chose to make this offer 30 min after every purchase. Of course, this is entirely up to you as a store owner. You can also skip Follow-Ups, and use Newsletters instead, to make the same offer, in a one-off email.

Email Idea #5: Separate Abandoned Cart email campaign for all customers that have a positive points balance. Remind them that they can also redeem their points alongside any discounts issued in the email.

Start by going to your Segments & Lists and creating a segment for those with points over X. In this example, let's say you want to create a segment for those whose points exceed 200. 

In your Abandoned Carts, create a new campaign, with "add campaign", or hit "duplicate" on your existing one, if you're feeling particularly lazy. :)

We chose the Segment "Points over 200"

Started typing our text "Would you like to complete your purchase? You have" ->  we inserted the variable for smile.io rewards balance.

Notice that it asked us to enter a fallback. This is what would be used in case the variable is not available. We entered "some points" as a fallback, this way, if the "you have 200 points" doesn't work, the customer would see "you have some points" which is not too shabby for an alternative.

Here the variable is working so the points are displayed. As you can see, now it says "Would you like to complete your purchase? You have 200 points." The recipient is now hopefully more likely to take the step and complete the purchase if just to use their balance. Everybody likes free money. :)

Email Idea #6: Post-purchase Follow-Up for rewards members who become idle, but has some points. A reminder that they can use their points balance to get a discount.

First, we created a segment for those individuals with a point balance that exceeds 0, to get all those with a positive, unused balance:

We then headed to Follow-Ups to create an email for our Idle Customers. 
You might ask, what are "Idle Customers"? We calculate the date for becoming idle as 3x the average rate at which customers currently make repeat purchases. 

Here's a little trick, just "Use Wizard" and select "Win back customers who've not purchased for a while". 

In the body of the email, we entered the text "Hey {{firstName}}, it's been a while since we heard from you! You still have some points, why not use them today?"

Note that you can also use variables (double-click the text area to get the variables), for things like 'point balance', if you wish to give them the exact number of points in their account.

In this example, we also added "Similar Products" to suggest some products they're likely to buy.

In the email sending settings, we chose the Sending Event "Customer is Idle", 1 day, and the segment "Customers with a positive balance". 

This means any customer with a balance over 0 will receive this email 1 day after becoming idle.

Email Idea #7: Post-purchase Follow-Up for repeat customers and rewards members. Include their referral link and remind them to share with their friends.

We created a segment for reward members, who are also repeat customers. The criteria are "IS a Smile.io member", and "number of orders exceeded 1".

Now, all we have to do is create a Follow-Up email to ask our Reward Members who also happen to be Repeat Customers, to share a Referral Link with their friends. These are some of your brand's biggest fans and advocates, and it's a good idea to leverage their loyalty.

In Follow-Up emails, to create a new Follow-Up. 
If you wish to build one from scratch, here is a quick tutorial on how to do that.

Type your text and add your blocks and upsells as you wish to. Then,  using the text block, you can use the Smile.io variable for your Smile referral link.

It will look something like this with the variable: 

All you have to do now is set the sending rules of the email: 

We selected the customer segment "members who are also repeat customers", and we set the sending rule as 1 day after every purchase. This means every time they made a 2nd purchase and beyond, they will get this email the next day after the purchase. You can also space it out, for example, you can make it 30 days after the latest purchase, if you feel like the previous setting is too aggressive. You're the kind/queen of your marketing strategy. We give you the tools, you make the rules. :) 

Hope this helped you get more out of your Conversio + Smile.io integration. 

If you have more questions, reach out to us at help@conversio.com

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