How do I use Conversio with is a rewards program for e-commerce stores. You can add a widget to your store’s pages with the customer’s point balance, what customers can do to earn those points, and what they can exchange their points for (i.e. discounts).

Conversio integrates with three major features at this moment:

  1. Targeted emails to your customers who signed up to your rewards, with certain points, etc. This is achieved through our intelligent segmentation.
  2. Point rewards for customers who leave reviews.
  3. Follow-up e-mails triggering on Customer Birthday.

More details on each of these below, but first let's start with a connection: 

Getting Started:

To get started with this, you just need to go to your "Connection Settings" page, to hit "connect" next to "":

Then, go through the prompts (just hit “yes” on everything 😉). Once that’s done we’ll automatically sync your customers with ours, which enables segmentation.

1) Targeted Emails with Customer Properties

By connecting Conversio to your account, we add three new segmentable properties to customers, and one segment suggestion:

  • Serious Buyers
  • Recent Purchasers
  • Invested Customers
  • Customers with Rewards

You'll also notice something called "VIP Tiers". VIP Tiers are cached for 10 minutes and are only available if this feature is enabled in

For some examples of emails and campaigns that you can create with these segments, check out this article.

We also add three properties (variables) to the email builder. These variables appear in the "Variable" drop-down menu:

- Point Balance

- Referral URL

- VIP Tier

2) Point Rewards for Reviews

When a customer leaves a review we will automatically log this as an Activity on This is enabled by default.

You have two options here: To register this activity for each order reviewed (irrespective of how many products in the order are reviewed) or once for each product reviewed. This can be done in your Reviews settings (in your Review email, double-click the review block/box area to open up those settings options).

To enable rewards on, you must Add an Earning Rule with Conversio’s “Review a purchased Product” action:

You can then configure what points this action awards, how many times your customers can receive the reward, etc. If that’s done properly, each review will be displayed in the customer’s activity log like the example below:

3) Birthday Follow-ups

This new rule appears for Follow-ups when the integration is active. One of the rewardable actions on is adding your birthdate, so you're able to get that data for some of your customers. The rule then behaves the same way as other delay-based rules. 

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