How do I ask for Reviews in bulk?

Step 1) Under Widgets > Reviews > All Reviews

Step 2) Start typing the Product Name in the search box for the product you want to request reviews for.

Step 3) Click on the "Set Up Reviews Newsletter" green button (right side of the screen)


Step 4) Select the target audience: Everyone, or Accepted Marketing. 
Quick tip: "Accepted Marketing" are only individuals who have been reconfirmed with opt-in. "Everyone" is, self-explanatory: everyone who is added as a subscriber or customer, regardless of their subscription (re) confirmation status.

Step 5) Now you have your Review email template builder, the usual. Just double click the review block area to edit settings if you wish to do things like add/remove thumbnails, or incentivize the review with a discount, etc. Save when you're done, and on to the next step.

Step 6) Your subject line, preheater, and sending settings. Pretty self-explanatory. In this example, we will "send now".

This is the final step. If you're choosing "Send Now", be sure to review your Review email thoroughly. Once you hit Send Now, and confirm that you want to send the email, you will not be able to stop the campaign until it has reached all the targeted emails.

That's all! If you want to see your email after it's sent, go to your Newsletters > Sent > Report. More details and other tricks in the video below. :) 

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