What are some emails I can send with Viralsweep and Conversio?

You've connected Conversio to your Viralsweepaccount, and you're ready to get started. Here are some emails you can send now: 

  • Set up a follow-up email sequence for all of the new prospects that joins your list (i.e. those that enter your contest and has never purchased from you before). Use this sequence to tell them more about your brand, share your best-sellers / most highly rated products, as well as what your other customers are saying about your products.

Blocks to use in this email:
Text block to tell them about your brand.
"Similar Products" or "Custom Product" to recommend items. Similar Products is automated and uses our algorithm to determine the best product to recommend. With Custom Product, on the other hand, you can manually choose your best sellers. To add, remove or edit blocks, here is a short video guide.
Be sure to double-click the product block, and in the settings, choose "display Product Reviews." 
You want to show as much social proof as possible. If you don't have reviews yet, refer to our Product Review doc to get started.  

  • Assuming your contest entrants have consented to receive other emails from you (ViralSweep has a nifty "Newsletter Subscribe" form field for this), then send them regular email newsletters.
  • Another angle would be to use your contest as an incentive to enrich your data about your existing subscribers or customers. You can ask them for their birthday and then send those customers a special email and discount on their birthday. More on adding and using Custom Properties can be found in this guide.

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