Switching Shopify Themes

When you switch store themes from the theme you were using when you added Conversio, you'll need to re-add some Conversio snippets to your new theme.

  1. In Admin > Online Store > Themes, go to your new theme and click "Edit Code" under Actions.
  2. Under Snippets, click "Add a New Snippet".
  3. Enter the name conversiowidget and click Create Snippet. 
  4. Copy and paste the contents of this file: conversiowidget into the new snippet and save.
  5. Repeat steps 3&4 with a new snippet called conversioproductreview and this file: conversioproductreview
  6. Repeat steps 3&4 with a new snippet called conversiofeedback and this file: conversiofeedback

Switching themes (without duplicating the existing theme) will mean that you lose your widget placement, so you'll also need to set this up again.

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