Convert old campaigns into workflows

Converting old conversio followup and abandoned cart campaigns is easy!

Before you start, you should know:

  • In old campaigns (that were created outside of workflows), delays were set from the trigger for ALL emails
  • In workflows, delays are timed from the event, email or delay, whichever comes last in the workflow before the delay.
  • Some send events have new names or are deprecated, here's how to replace them:
Send event Replacement
Every purchase Order is paid
Every purchase without feedback Order is paid + Stop on Feedback (Settings: only this order & Re-check through workflow)
First purchase Order is paid + Split by segment (First time buyers and continue setting emails on that branch)
Latest purchase Order is paid + Stop on New Purchase
After order fulfilled Order fulfilled
Customer List Subscription List is Subscribed (you may then want to add a Split by Segment list after)
Customer is idle This is deprecated. Use: Order is paid + a delay of your choosing
Customer properties updated Deprecated
Reminder of unused coupon Order is paid + delay (that is less than the coupon expiry time)
Customer birthday Date in customer property reached

Old campaigns use a single flow as each campaign required a single segment. You can now combine multiple campaigns if they were targeting different segments!

For help with the workflow terminology, read our related docs.

For emails, you can import your old email content directly into the workflow! Simply select "Send email" under the actions tab and and click the "Import template" button. You can then search for the name of the email template and filter by different email types too.

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