Recipes in Workflows

Recipes are pre-made workflows with emails that allow you to quickly and easily implement automated email campaigns!

You'll find workflows for:

Should I use more than one of each type of recipe?

You should have one of receipts and abandoned cart workflows switched on, otherwise you may end up sending multiple emails for the same action (e.g. double receipts)

Follow-ups come in a variety of sub-types (e.g. Shopping Anniversary, Review request etc) and you should only enable one of each sub-type.

Can I modify a recipe?

Yes! Once you've picked a recipe, it becomes yours to modify as you wish. We've created these workflows with engaging content, subject lines and best practice methodology learned from sending millions of messages, we know what works!

However, we do recommend that you apply your theme. Feeling  and customize the copy so that it feels more aligned with your brand's personality

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