Controls in Workflows

Controls allow you to decide what happens before another action is taking in a workflow. There are two types of controls:

  • Delays
  • Splits


You can set a delay before the action from instant up to two years. In workflows, delays are timed from the event, email or delay, whichever comes last in the workflow before the delay. In this example, an email will be sent six months after a customer purchased. 


Splits allow you to send different emails to customers/subscribers who match different criteria. 

Prioritizing and matching a customer to a split

Splits start from the left, with the "Everyone else" segment being the last fallback when a contact doesn't match any of the other segments.

If a customer could match multiple split criteria, they will enter the first split they match, from the left.

Split by segment

Triggers: All triggers

When you choose to split by segment, you can choose from Conversio's default segments, one of your saved custom segments, or you can build a segment directly within the workflow.

Split by Subscribed List

Triggers: List is Subscribed to

When you split by subscribed list, you can choose from any of your existing subscriber list.

Split by Cart Property

Triggers: Carts becomes recoverable

Criteria for segment: Cart amount (is/is not over/under a value), cart products (includes/does not include over/under/exact quantity of product and product name)

Split by Order Property

Triggers: Order is paid, order is fulfilled

Criteria for segment: Order amount, order property, order tags

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