Triggers in Workflows

A trigger is what makes a workflow begin and is the first thing you'll set up in a new workflow. A contact must pass through the trigger while the workflow is switched on, otherwise they will not enter the workflow.


  • Order is paid
  • Order is fulfilled
  • Cart becomes recoverable
  • List is subscribed to
  • Date in customer property reached

Trigger details

Order is paid

  • Starts once customer completes checkout and the order is marked as paid
  • Can be used for receipt and follow-up emails

Order is fulfilled

  • When the seller marks the order as fulfilled
  • For Shopify, the order status needs to be Fulfilled.
    For WooCommerce, the order status needs to be Completed.
    For BigCommerce, the order status needs to be Shipped.

Cart becomes recoverable

  • 15 minutes after the contact abandons the cart, and we have an email address to email them with
  • Can be used for abandoned cart and follow-up emails

List is subscribed to

  • Contact subscribes to a list, any list
  • The trigger does not require a specific list, by default the trigger is for all lists (you can choose to split by list by adding a control after the trigger)

Date in customer property reached

  • You will need a date field custom property set up to use this. This requires you to enable Pro in your settings (Account Settings > Pro)
  • Can be used for follow-up emails

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