Themes tips and usage guide

Anatomy of a theme

  • The header and footer are managed within the theme editor, and are not editable in the email editor (i.e. when editing the content of individual emails). This ensures that the content is kept intact across all templates that use this them.
  • The main area is managed in the email editor, and houses the main content blocks that are sent out.
  • The footer block as cannot be removed, but now you can add blocks above and below it in the footer area.
  • When the theme is set on an email the theme settings for the unsubscribe and webview are used, otherwise, if a theme isn't set, you will need to set the unsubscribe and webview for each email.

Applying a theme

Themes can be applied in the email editor's sidebar. Choose from a list of available themes

What can you do with themes?

With themes you can customize:

  • Colors of blocks
  • Font settings
  • Date format
  • View online and subscriber preferences text
  • Header and footer areas

What you can't do with themes:

  • Customize text
  • Customize general block settings

Headers & Footers

In both of these areas, you can add the following content block types:

  • Buttons
  • Custom HTML
  • Divider
  • Image
  • Image & Text
  • Text

You can change the background colors of these areas in the Template Settings in the sidebar:


The header area has no top padding, to accommodate images which take up the full header area. To achieve this, upload an image and select "Full Width Image" in the sidebar, along with "Disable Bottom Spacing".

If you don't wish to use a text block at the top of your header, but don't want it "touching" the top edge, add a divider block to give you some spacing above the text block.

Without divider above text block:

With divider above text block:


With the footer, you can add blocks above and below the address blockThe address block can have its own color, which is separate to the footer color.

For example, if you set the footer block background color to be the same as the general background color, you might want to add a "terms and conditions" text block below the main email content:

In this example, the footer background color has been to set the same as the template background color, and blocks have been added above the address block.

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