Getting started with Custom Properties

Add more data to each person beyond what we get from the Store and custom integrations, and then use that data in emails and/or to segment your customer base.

Some examples:

  • A baby's Due date for a store that sells baby and pregnancy-related products
  • A Person's referral URL for a service that we don't integrate directly with.
  • A Person's car brand for a store selling auto parts
  • Household size.

Our Custom Properties will enable you to do the following

  1. Add extra data to your contacts (customers and subscribers). This can happen in two ways: CSV subscriber import with Conversio's Subscription Forms or Partner's Subscription Forms
  2. Use any data in your contact-base as a Variable in our e-mails.
  3. Use any data in your contact-base as "segmentation criteria" in our Custom Segments

Get Started

  1. Enable Conversio Pro
  2. Add & Import Custom Properties
  3. Use Custom Variables in your emails
  4. Use your properties as segmentation criteria in our Custom Segments.

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