Are Conversio receipts GDPR compliant?

Because Conversio receipts may contain promotional material when consent has not been explicitly given (such as is required to send a newsletter), you may be wondering whether is OK to send items such as coupons and product recommendations in receipts once GDPR comes into effect.

You may continue to send receipts containing promotional materials using the basis of "Legitimate Interests", as long as they relate to the store from which the receipt has been sent.


  • The customer has expressed legitimate interest in the business by purchasing products from your store
  • The content of the additional promotional materials is relevant and specific to your store
  • There is a positive benefit for the recipient
  • If using product recommendations in your receipt, they are based on the products purchased in that order and could be influenced by on-site tracking (assuming the customer consented to be being tracked).
  • If using a coupon, no personal data is processed in order to create this, except where "Only for customer email" which is WooCommerce stores only.

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