Why does my email look different to how I designed it?

Email clients vary greatly in their support for modern web coding and features. As such, sometimes we make a compromise in code that may affect a small number of users in favour of benefitting the majority.

My Conversio email looks broken and wonky

Was the email forwarded from a customer? If so, then the email client is was sent from usually adds a lot of its own code to the email and breaks it. We only guarantee that emails sent directly from Conversio look good in our supported email clients.

The font isn't the one I picked in the editor

If you chose one of our Google fonts, these are only supported by a small number of email clients. Read more here

I can't submit a review by email

Outlook (2007/2010/2013/2016),  Outlook.com and Office365 don't allow you to submit email reviews by email, but we provide a link to the form instead. You'll see the product + the product name but not the input fields.

My receipt is stacked in a mobile layout on Outlook.com and Office365

Due to the way Outlook.com preview pane works, we had to compromise and so the layout for the receipt block on Outlook.com shows the mobile view

My Similar Product image blocks are really long 

In Outlook (2007/2010/2013/2016) we have to fix the height of the container that has the image in it, due Outlook not supporting variable height images. This is so the height of the container is consistent and looks neater.

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