Conversio & GDPR


Conversio supports the ethos and goals of the GDPR which, in our mind, is focused on:

  1. Protecting your customers' data and privacy.
  2. Getting consent from your customers about marketing to them and using their data in any way related to marketing; and
  3. Ultimately only marketing to those prospects and customers that are engaged and truly want to hear from you.

The last goal is incredibly important to us and something we have always recommended our merchants do, regardless of GDPR requirements or compliance. It is not in your best interests to try to engage or overwhelm people that simply do not want to hear from you; it skews your metrics and could harm your reputation and email deliverability over time. Focus on engaged, consensual prospects and customers for the best results.

This is why we recommend that all of our merchants - regardless of whether you are within the EU or interact with EU citizens - implement the suggestions we have proposed on our GDPR checklist. (Of course, any EU merchant or a merchant interacting with EU citizens will have to comply to with the GDPR requirements.)

The responsibility to be GDPR-compliant (and subsequently the liability for non-compliance) is yours; not ours. We have updated our tools and built additional tools to however help you ensure GDPR compliance. We are your partner in this regard and we want to see your business flourish and grow.

If you are within the EU or have EU visitors and customers:

We recommend that you follow our GDPR and implement those mechanisms closely. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to ping our Customer Success team.

Please also note that other parts of your business or other tools you use may not be GDPR compliant. We are not legal experts and can't advise on those. If you are unsure, we suggest seeking expert advice for these.

If you are NOT within the EU and DON'T have any EU visitors or customers:

You don't have to be GDPR compliant and may thus choose not to implement the recommendations on our GDPR checklist.

We however still strongly suggest that you implement at least the "Accepted Marketing" mechanism, which means you are only sending emails to those customers that want to engage with you.

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