Frequently Asked Questions About Shoelace

Note: If we haven't covered something about Shoelace in our docs, please also have a look at their help docs. We will only address some Conversio + Shoelace specific questions here and for any other questions, Shoelace's own help docs will probably be a better source of answers. :)

Where can I see how my Shoelace-powered campaigns are working?

This screenshot shows the metrics of all of your campaigns. You can however also use the dropdown (top right) to view the metrics and performance for specific campaigns.

Why are my abandoned cart campaigns in Shoelace not running yet?

Shoelace will need to identify and learn about your targeted audience. If that audience is very small, then it is not viable to run Facebook ads for that audience (due to the way that Facebook ads work).

If your campaign has not displayed any ads after a week of activating it, please contact Shoelace's support for help.

I would like to split up my abandoned cart retargeting campaign... How do I do that?

We are working on a couple of additions to our abandoned cart integration with Shoelace that will allow you to:

  1. Separate your audience into different stages based on where they are within your abandoned cart email sequence. So if you have a 3-email campaign in Conversio, you can have 3 different retargeting ads for these customers on Facebook. This allows you to personalise and tailor the ad copy to match your email campaign's copy.
  2. Include personalised information in your Facebook ad campaigns. One thing that we'd love to do is to enable you to show a prospective customer their unique discount coupon (from their Conversio-powered email sequence) instead of a generic one. This will help with your tracking too.

When I send a newsletter, can Shoelace retarget all of those recipients?

Nope, but they'll be doing their best to retarget as many of them as possible.

There are a couple of factors that influence this. Primarily it depends on which email address the customer is using and whether that email address is linked to a Facebook account. If it is, it's almost guaranteed that the customer will see your retargeting ads.

Beyond that Shoelace does a few other things (these are so clever & secret that we don't even know the details) to identify Facebook users regardless of email address.

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