Using Shoelace with Conversio

Shoelace is our favourite retargeting app for Shopify and it really puts all of your retargeting on autopilot. They use a combination of human smarts and computer-powered intelligence to suggest retargeting campaigns that simply works, whilst continuously applying best practices to those campaigns and suggesting even more optimisations.

Once you connect your Shoelace account to Conversio, we can help you to further supercharge all of the marketing campaigns that are currently powered by Conversio.

You can currently use Shoelace's retargeting for these Conversio campaigns:

  • Your abandoned cart campaigns; and
  • Any newsletters you send.

Note: We are already working on additional integrations for your follow-up emails and receipts too.

Retargeting your abandoned cart campaigns

To use this, you would've had to connect Shoelace to your Conversio account and have an active abandoned cart campaign in Conversio.

The rest of this functionality is automated. :) Here's how it works...

Based on your active abandoned cart campaign in Conversio, Shoelace will reach out to you to recommend a retargeting campaign. This retargeting campaign will exclusively target prospective customers that have abandoned a cart on your website and have thus entered your abandoned cart email sequence already.

Here's an example of what such a campaign will look like in Shoelace:

This campaign will create a Facebook ad campaign that looks like this:

Shoelace will keep adding & removing prospective customers from the targeted audience for these ads. So once a prospective customer exits your abandoned cart email sequence, the Facebook ads will also stop being shown to them.

Retargeting your newsletters

For this, Shoelace will recommend a new, unique retargeting campaign every time that you send an email newsletter via Conversio. Shoelace will look at the contents of your newsletter to recommend a retargeting campaign that will boost the impact of the marketing that you are doing.

The campaign that Shoelace recommends for you will target all of the recipients of your newsletter.

This is what the campaign would look like in Shoelace:

And this is what the subsequent Facebook ad campaign could look like:

For this type of campaign, you can set the expiry date within Shoelace. Once that period of time expires, this ad campaign will stop running.

Note: You can also use your Conversio Product Reviews ratings in your retargeting efforts. Showing 5-star ratings on your products can have a powerful effect on the buying decisions.

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