I purchased my domain on Shopify, how do I authenticate it?

If you have purchased your domain from Shopify, here is where and how will modify your DNS records.

Step 1) In Conversio Outgoing Email Settings, under DKIM & SPF, enter your domain to get started.

Step 2)  In the Shopify admin area, go to Online Store > Domains. Click on the domain name that you want to authenticate.

Step 3) Click Manage DNS

Step 4) Start Adding your records:

First) Add your first TXT value.
Hostname: "@"
Copy paste the first value given in Conversio.

Second: Add your second TXT value.
Hostname: Just the first portion of your hostname in Conversio, before your domain name. If your hostname is k1._domainkey.MyDomain.com, you want to enter only  "k1._domainkey". 
Copy paste the second value given in Conversio.

Third: Add a CNAME value.
Hostname: "email"
Copy paste the third value given in Conversio.

Save and you're done! 

Step 3) Give it some time! Please note that domain propagation can take 24-48 hours depending on your settings. 

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