Trust block for your emails

Hello there 👋

Guess what? You can now add a Trust block to your emails which has quick links to your key topics like Returns policies, Help Center, Reviews, Shipping information & guidelines, etc.

Simply select the trust block from the list of blocks available in your Conversio email template builder by clicking "Add block".

You can then select your trust block layout from settings on your right. You can go with either 3 columns or 4 columns, as shown below. 

Your corresponding Trust block looks like this -

For each column, you can either use our default images or even upload your own images.

Also, you can change the block type for each of your Trust block columns by selecting the relevant type you want to showcase in each of your columns.

Finally, underneath each column, you need to input the relevant Body Text, Link URL and Link Text for your customers to visit. 

Save your layout and you're good to go!

Hope you like it! ️

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