How do I set up a Feedback widget?

Feedback Module Setup

Before you can use the widget, you'll need to start collecting feedback via the Feedback module.

Adding the feedback module to your template(s)

To ask your customers for feedback by email, just add our Feedback module to any receipt or email of your choice. We recommend that you use the receipt, or the feedback follow up email for this purpose.

Viewing and replying to your feedback

Once you receive feedback, you can see it on your Feedback page. You can also receive feedback notifications by email. To specify the email address on which you would like to receive the feedback notification to, go to Alternative Emails. Otherwise, we'll send those responses to your account's email address.

Feedback Widget Setup

  1. Start by creating a widget and choosing a widget type.

The  Quantitative Summary widget allows you to show a percentage rating based on your feedback, depending on how happy or unhappy your customers are.

Testimonials widget which shows actual feedback from your users. Create Your Own Widgets Now.

  1. Configure your widget settings
  2. Add the Widget to your store following the instructions for your store type.


If you're familiar with CSS, you can make updates to the styling of the widget in the styling panel of the widget settings: 

You can also change the happy and sad faces to a custom image by clicking on each of them directly in the widget editor. Clicking on a face will allow you to select an image file. 

Adding a Widget to Pages (Shopify only)

In order to add the Feedback Widget on a page, as opposed to a template, you can use the following code:

<code><div data-slug="my-cool-widget-0"></div><br><script><br>if (typeof window.ConversioData === 'undefined') {<br>  window.ConversioData = {};<br>}<br> = true;<br></script>

Simply replace my-cool-widget-0 with the Slug (name) of your Feedback widget, which you can find here.

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