How do I customize Recommendations widgets?

You can edit your widget settings under Recommendations > Widgets.

Here are our currently supported widget settings:

  • Set as an active widget?: If this is switched off, then we won’t display any recommendations on your website.
  • Highlight Editable Text: This option will show you which of the text on the widget you can edit with our WYSIWYG editor. You can then click on this text and customise it.
  • Show Header Area?: This will switch the display of the widget header on or off.
  • Include Product Titles?: This will switch the display of the product titles (below the product thumbnails) on or off.
  • Header Size: Select the size of the widget header.
  • Number of Products: Select the number of products you’d like to show in the widget.
  • Products to Skip: This setting allows you to skip a specified number of recommendations. The use case for this is if you have two widgets with similar settings on the same page and you don't want them to show the same recommendations.
  • Show Reviews?: This will switch the display of the number of product reviews on or off.
  • Show Stars?: This will switch the display of the average star rating from product reviews on or off. 

The Recommendation Type setting has three options:

  • Automatic: The default setting which automatically makes recommendations based on many different factors.
  • Popular Products: Shows the most popular products as measured by sales and page views. if the widget is shown on a product page then it will prioritize products with the same product type, brand and/or category.
  • Related/Similar Products Shows related products to the product being shown. A similar or related product is a product that has a similar description or shared tags with the product being shown, i.e. this setting only works on a product page.

The Brand Emphasis setting is a way for you to put emphasis on specific brands in the recommendations. There are three options:

  • None: All brands are shown always.
  • Same as the product: On a product page, only the same brand as the product will be shown.
  • Same but fill other: On a product page, same brand recommendations will show first, but if there are not enough recommendations, it will fill with other recommendations up to the limit you specified in Number of Products.

If you'd like to make custom changes to the style of your widget, you can edit the CSS under the 'Show Styling' tab inside the widget editor.

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