How can I exclude products from Product Reviews?

Do you sell products for which you don't ever want to receive product reviews? This normally applies to "Free" / "Free + Shipping" products or products that are only related to a customisation/custom option on the order.

Conversio has made it easy to exclude these products from all of your product reviews. This means that if one of these excluded products are included in the order and you have a follow-up set up to request a review, Conversio will not show the excluded products. 

To exclude products from showing up in your Product Review request emails, follow these instructions:

Note: when excluding a product, it might take up to 10 minutes for the changes to be visible on your store.

In your Conversio Account, click on Products":

Search for the item you would like to exclude.

Check the Exclude From... Reviews box.

Done! :) Those three items that you have no checked (as in the screenshot above) will now never generate a review request email.

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