Conversio Reviews Widget allows you to seamlessly collect and post your best reviews on your product pages. If you have existing reviews from other apps, no worries! You can transfer those over, so nothing is lost.

How does it work?

You can watch this video, or follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Set up your Product Review Email. This is the email in which you ask the customer to leave you a review for the purchased item. We already created the email for you, all you have to do is review and switch it on: Simply go to your Reviews, and select Campaigns.

Step 2:

 Edit and customize the Product Review Design Forms.

Step 3:

 Import any existing reviews in a CSV file into your Moderations Page.

Step 4:

 Create a Summary Widget or Recent Widget with one click from your Product Review Widget page.

Step 5:

 Install the widget(s) to any of your templates following these instructions.

You're all set!

 You can check reviews from this dashboard. You can also Auto Approve reviews, for more automation.

Customers can leave a review on your product page (we provide a direct link), and they can leave the review in the email, as an alternative, for added convenience! The ability to do that is possible for most email clients. For unsupported email clients, we will redirect the customer to the product review page, which you can edit following Step 2 above.

You can also set a reward discount to incentivize reviews. Hover over the the review module in your email, click on the settings icon (green icon), and set your discount. It works automatically with your store, just like all of Conversio discounts.

Widget Types

We currently support two different types of review widgets. 

Summary Widgets allow you to show product ratings with number/star summary of all reviews for that product. You can use a Summary widget to show product ratings under the product title, or elsewhere on the product page. 

Recent Widgets will display your customer's full review, including their product rating and any additional comments. 

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