During your free, 30-day trial of Conversio Premium, you have total access to all of our tools (excluding Newsletters, which requires you to select the "Newsletter Add-on").

If you would like to maintain access to all of your Conversio Premium tools after your trial, you need to add your payment details to your account. You can do this any time before your trial expires on the "Premium Plans" section on your Conversio dashboard.

When you don't add your payment details by the time your trial expires, we will automatically move you to our limited, free plan which only includes access to our email receipts tools.

This is what happens when we switch you to the limited, free plan:

  • All of the other Premium tools you were using during your trial will be deactivated. Only your email receipts (assuming they are active) will remain active.
  • We will disable the dynamic product recommendation algorithm for your store and delete all the related data we analysed for you (to create your recommendations).
  • If you were using the "Similar Products" block within your receipts, we will be removing that, since the recommendation algorithm is not available on our free plan. (If you would still like to recommend products in your receipts, we suggest that you use the "Custom Products" block instead to recommend handpicked, specific products.)
  • Feedback is also not available on the free plan, which means that if you are using the Feedback module within your receipts, we will be removing that too.

What happens if you reactivate Conversio Premium after your trial expired?

We know things fall through the cracks sometimes and we want to help you if that's the case. 😀

We will keep all of your Conversio Premium data (any templates/campaigns you had set up, as well as their related stats) for another 30 days after your trial expired. So if you reactivate Conversio Premium within 30 days, all of that data will still be there for you.

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