Note: Our Stripe integration is only set up to work with Relay at the moment.

Conversio tracks certain customer behaviors related to your products to augment our product recommendations (used in your receipts, recommendation widgets & follow-up e-mails).

To ensure that tracking is working for your Stripe Relay implementation, include the Conversio JavaScript library on every page right before the  tag:

 After the library has been included, it needs to be initialized with a few settings that tell the library about the current page. For example, on a product page, you might initialize the library like this:

*<script> Receiptful.init({ // The public key for your user. NOT THE API KEY! user: ‘yourpublickey’,

// Product ID for current page product: ‘1234’,

// Customer ID for current customer (optional) customer: ‘abcd’,

// Current cart contents (optional) cart: ‘1234,5678’,

// Add recommendations on current page (optional) recommend: true }); </script>
*Note: Your Public Key will be available on your Profile page and is not the same as your API key.

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