How does Newsletter pricing work?

You will need a Conversio Premium plan, as well as the Newsletter Add-on option enabled to send newsletters via Conversio.

We have multiple tiers for the Newsletter Add-on option that are also based on your monthly order value (as is the case with your base Conversio Premium plan).

Every tier includes the same features (no need to upgrade or downgrade between tiers), as well as unlimited sending (see our fair usage requirements below).

You can find all of the details of the pricing here.

An Example

Let's assume that Store A processes 200 orders a month.

This means that they currently have the "101 to 250 Orders Monthly" plan for Conversio Premium and are paying $69pm.

Now Store A decides to enable the Newsletter Add-on option. For their tier ("101 to 250 Orders Monthly"), the Newsletter Add-on option will cost them $29pm.

Thus their total monthly Conversio fee will be $69 + $29 = $98.

How can I activate the Newsletter Add-on?

Go to the Premium Plans page in your Conversio dashboard.

You will see an option that looks like this:

Click on the "Add Newsletters Add on" button. :)

Fair Usage Policy

Since the Newsletters Add On includes unlimited emails, we are implementing a fair usage policy. Here are some guidelines:

  • You can only send newsletters to customers or subscribers to your store. If you import other mailing lists related to other stores or web properties, we will not allow you to send newsletters to those lists.
  • When you include any product- or purchase-related links in your newsletters, they need to be directed to your primary store (that is linked to your Conversio account). Our pricing is based on your order volume, which means we are only willing to help you increase the order volume of your primary store.
  • If your list has a high bounce or spam complaint rate, we will work with you to take corrective steps. If you don't action those steps and can't reduce your bounce or spam complaint rate, we will consider closing your account.
  • Imported mailing / subscriber lists with low engagement rates (opens & clicks) need to be trimmed and disengaged subscribers should be removed.

To help us determine which stores are not adhering our Fair Usage Policy, we have identified the following soft limits:

Please note that these soft limits will merely trigger us to investigate how you are using newsletters. If you are not obviously or grossly contravening our Fair Usage Policy, you can continue to use Conversio Newsletters as-is.

If we do however find that you are contravening the Fair Usage Policy, we reserve the right to take the following actions:

  • Move you to an appropriate pricing plan based on your sending volume.
  • Disable the Newsletter Add On on your account.
  • Closing your account completely.
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