How awesome would it be to showcase in your emails, the great photos uploaded by your customers along with their reviews? Let's check out how to do that! 

To enable this, go to any of your emails (Receipts, Abandon carts, Follow-up emails or Newsletters) and launch the template builder.

1. Now, click "+ Add block" button and select "Recent Reviews" block to be added to your template. 

2. Once you add the block, the format looks like below.

3. Please note that the pictures uploaded by your customers along with their reviews are not yet visible in the above block. Now to enable them, please move to the Recent Reviews Settings on your right and click the Settings tab.

4. Under the Settings tab, you will see an option to enable displaying customer photos in your Recent Reviews block. Just check the option to enable it.

5. Tada 🎉 Now, your recent reviews block will show customer images along with their ratings and comments.

Simple, isn't it?

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