What is your product's USP (unique selling proposition)?

With the new Featured Product Block, you can create up to three, primary benefits of your product, all which support your USP.

 When a customer then abandons a cart with your featured product, you re-sell them on the benefits, as well as the primary reasons to buy it. 

Think of it as having your vigilant sales person, ready to remind the customer why the product is an excellent choice. 

You know your product best, so you have to write that USP or "sales pitch" 

Activating this is as simple as adding the benefits / USP text for your products (we recommend starting with your best sellers). We take care of the rest. Here is how to accomplish this:

  • In Products, choose your featured products and add your USP text.

Click Edit USP

Click Add New USP

Type USP (up to 3 selling points or benefits) and save.


Next, set the Featured Block in your Abandoned Cart emails:

  • Go to your Abandoned Cart Campaigns. Open your campaign, and then the email. You will see this "Normal Cart", which you are probably already familiar with:

  • Double click the cart area to open the settings.
  • In the "Edit Version" (right side, top), click on "Normal Cart" to get to the drop-down menu, and select "Featured Block":
  • Now your cart should look something like this: 
  • Here to really drive our point home, we also enabled "Show Product Reviews" and "Show Stars". 

This is why we recommended that you start with your best sellers and already successful products.

Don't forget, the customer already expressed high interest in your product (by adding it to cart in the first place). 

Featured Product USP + Awesome Reviews and 4 or 5 stars = one-two sucker punch that's hard to resist. And we mean a sucker punch with love. :)

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