Note: You can also refer to our Video Tutorials for the basics.


To help you customize your templates to best represent your brand, we have a number of helpful tools and settings.


Choose the background color for nearly any section of your template (anywhere you see the color-picker).


We've added Google Fonts to our template builders in order to give your emails a little more fanciness. Google Fonts is supported by most email clients.

If a customer views your email with an unsupported client, we've added fallback fonts so your emails will still look great.


This module allows you to insert an area into which you can type text.

To edit text styles, double click the text in question and an editor menu will appear.

Left to Right: Bold, Italic, Underline, Insert Link, Left Align, Center Align, Right Align, Change Color, Change Text Size, and Erase.


Insert a direct link to any web page. Want your customers to see your new arrivals? Or hot items? Just drag and drop this onto the template.

To set the target URL, click on the green options icon that appears when you hover over the module.


Add a title to your text, automatically bolder and bigger.


Insert your company logo, or an image of your choice. Just drag and drop this little guy into your email. Then drag and drop your image into the box, or click to upload.

To resize the image, pick up the edge of the dotted line and drag in or out.


Template needs space? Drag and drop this onto your template to create some.

To change the height of the divider, drag the dotted line up or down.

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