You can now offer your customers buy one, get one offers in Conversio! 

To add this discount block to an email template, click "Add Block" and then select "Buy X, Get Y". 

Once you've added the block, click on it to open the settings on the right. 

In the settings you can select your initial product (the one that customers must purchase to get the offer) and the free product. 

Once you've selected the products in the offer, you can customize your coupon settings. 

The Required Purchase Quantity refers to the number of units of the initial product your customers will need to purchase in order to get the Products Given Quantity of the free product. The Percentage Discount field determines the discount your customers will get on the free (second) product. 

Next you can set the Discount Variable Options. This is the text that will appear in the block showing that the product is either free or at a percentage discount. 

Next, you can set your display options. Here you can determine if you want to display the product price and/or product description in the block or not. 

If you use Conversio for product reviews, you can display the star rating right in the BOGO block to show your customers how great your items are. 

Finally, you can set up your button options and use conditions. 

Manual Coupon Codes for Newsletters

In newsletter templates only, you can manually create the coupon code of your choosing to be displayed in the Buy One, Get One block. 

In the coupon options, check the box for "Use A Manual Coupon Code" and enter the code and expiry date. Please note that only a new code can be used, so if it has been sent previously or already exists in Shopify, the newsletter will not be able to send.

Once your coupon code is accepted, it will appear in the Buy One, Get One block.

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