An Abandoned Cart campaign can include up to 4 emails. The first three emails in an abandoned cart campaign contain direct links back to the abandoned cart in your store. The fourth campaign email is a request for those customers who have not completed their purchase to opt in to receive email marketing.

If a customer completes their purchase before receiving any of the emails in the campaign, we will automatically stop sending emails in the sequence.

Template Settings

In addition to the content of each email, you can also customize these settings:

  • Customer Segment: Target a specific customer segment. For more information on customer segments, see: Segmentation.
  • Sending Rules: Specify the time-delay for the email. Hours and days are added to each other (i.e. a delay of 12 hours + 2 days will mean the delay is 60 hours). This is the delay before the email is sent, from the time that the cart was abandoned. Note: the minimum delay is currently 1 hour.
  • Subject: Change the email's subject line and preheader. To add the highest average review rating of the products in your customer's cart, use the variable {{highestAverageRating}} in the subject line. An example subject line with this variable would be “You left some ★★★★★ products in your cart! :(“

Cart Settings

To access the cart settings in a template, simply click on the cart section. 

  • In the general cart settings you can use the checkboxes to choose whether you want to display product thumbnail images  and price totals as well as choosing your own text for the Quantity Label. 
  • Product Reviews: if you use Conversio for product reviews, you are now able to display your products' ratings directly in the cart section. To do so, click "Show Summary Reviews". You can also display the star rating by clicking "Show Stars".

Fourth Campaign Email

Previously, we allowed a maximum of three emails per campaign. Now you are now able to include a fourth email in your abandoned cart campaign to ask your customers to opt in to receiving email marketing from you with a simple click of a button.

We recommend at a minimum that you set this email to go out 7 days after abandonment. This email can be used to keep in touch with potential buyers who were not ready to make a purchase sooner.  

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